Buben & Zorweg – Agartos

Passionate watch collectors will feel compelled to call the masterpiece their own when their eyes come to rest on the BUBEN&ZORWEG TOURBILLON integrated in the dial (luxury version). Both the luxury and light versions have a porthole that allows the beholder to catch a glimpse of the “intrinsic values” as they move in perfect harmony with time. The AGARTOS is more than “just” a precious clock: the doors swing elegantly open to display the otherwise heavily guarded precious timepieces of the passionate collector against a befitting background. Innovative sensor technology grants access exclusively to the owner of the AGARTOS.

  • Reference
  • Agartos
  • Functions
  • 5 Time Movers for 5 watches
  • Dimensions
  • 416 x 396 x 277 mm
  • Weight
  • 20 kg
  • Material
  • aluminium,
  • Country of origin
  • Allemagne
  • Security system
  • Fermeture électromagnétique
  • Retail Price
  • 54800 € dont 20% de TVA
  • Optional Column
  • 5980 € dont 20% de TVA

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