De Bethune – DB28 XP Meteorite

The dial of the DB28XP Meteorite is adorned with an ancestral stone forged in space. A metal alloy that endows the dial with a distinctive texture, along with geometrical patterns aligned in a precise way that makes each timepiece special and unique.

De Bethune’s mastery of the thermal oxidation of metals has once again enabled it to raise the level of complexity by creating a starry sky accompanied by its Milky Way on a previously blued meteorite dial. This azure shade results from the heat released by the chemical reactions of the heated meteorite.
Dotted across this blue dial surface is a multitude of small white gold pins, delicately driven in between the different shapes and thicknesses of the octahedral geometrical structures.
Like tiny suspended marbles, these glittering flashes of light endow the celestial vault with its aura of timeless depth.
In addition to bringing a unique fragment of space to the wrist, each sky is different: the customer can choose a given constellation, according to a precise sky map, at a specific date, time and place.

  • Référence
  • Édition limitée
  • 10 pièces
  • Matière boîtier
  • Black Zirconium
  • Diamètre boîtier
  • 43 mm
  • Épaisseur boîtier
  • 7,2 mm
  • Fond boîtier
  • Black Zirconium
  • Étanchéité
  • 3 ATM
  • Mouvement
  • Calibre manufacturé DB2115v7
  • Remontage
  • Remontage Manuel
  • Réserve de marche
  • 6 jours
  • Fréquence
  • 28'800 alternances par heure
  • Nombre de composants
  • 175
  • Couleur cadran
  • dégradé de bleu et de violet
  • Matière cadran
  • Meteorite Muonionalusta
  • Fonctions
  • Heures et Minutes
  • Matière bracelet
  • Alligator
  • Type fermoir
  • Boucle Ardillon
  • Matière fermoir
  • Black Zirconium
  • Prix Public
  • 130 000 € dont 20% de TVA

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