Galaxy XL

The GALAXY is a masterpiece from BUBEN&ZORWEG, straightforward in design with timeless Art Deco elements and perfect in the craftsmanship of the finest materials. Exclusive woods with perfect grain, finest lacquers, powerful stainless steel accents. And when the doors open, the soul of the GALAXY is revealed: A BUBEN&ZORWEG safe with VdS certification An innovative and award-winning symbiosis of design and functionality.

Galaxy XL black Burwood semi-gloss. Safe SI-110 Safety class VdS I (German Security Certification). 16 Time Mover®, 5 drawers with jewellery-insert, empty space for storage.

  • Reference
  • 140708112
  • Dimensions
  • 1362 x 635 x 545 mm
  • Weight
  • 300 kg
  • Material
  • stainless steel, wood, glass, calf leather
  • Country of origin
  • Germany