Reuge – Racing Symphony

Calling for speed, the modern REUGE chassis strikes with dynamic curves and its sharp design. Made entirely of aluminium, the chassis is sprayed with vivid color by a coachbuilder just like on race cars. The vibrant green is a piece unique 1/1 made exclusively for ART in TIME

To look like a real sports car, REUGE applies two independent symmetric movements in an automaton, inspired by the 16-cylinder powerhouse of the Auto Union series from the 1930s. The air inlet on each side of the sports car hosts another moving part, the flying wheels. Their mission this time is not to cool the engine, but to regulate the rotation of each cylinder for the right music speed. Being a mechanical automaton, the energy required to operate the movements is manually generated with a carbon-coated steel winding key. The two independent movements have two barrels situated in the cockpit and their mainsprings can be wound up with the key through the two exhaust pipes. Are you ready for a musical ride ?

  • Reference
  • Racing Symphony
  • Limited edition
  • Piece Unique 1/1
  • Movement
  • Caliber Twin 3.72-Note plays six 36-second
  • Power reserve
  • 11 minutes
  • Functions
  • Mechanical music box
  • Melodies
  • Back to the future/James Bond/Mission Impossible /Godfather/Edelweiss/9e symphonie
  • Dimension
  • 45 cm x 25 cm x 12 cm
  • Weight
  • 6 kgs
  • Retail Price
  • 37 000 € including 20% VAT

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