THE UR-220
With its manually wound movement and control board on its back, the UR-220 goes back to URWERK’s earlier technologies in a case that is sleeker, more ergonomic and as stunning as ever. One exceptional feature is the return of the Oil Change indicator in a new guise. FLYBACK MINUTE HAND
The UR-220 features a high-tech, oversized, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. It encloses the hour satellite and indicates the time as it transverses the 0-to-60-minute scale. Then in less than 0.1 of a second the hand flies back to dock with the next hour satellite.

The oil change indicator keeps a running track of how long (in months) the movement has been in operation.CARBON CASE : The ultra-light case is made of 81 layers of CTP Carbon, compressed in a resin. These extremely thin layers (thickness : 0.15mm) are made to resist the onslaught of time. The carbon structure draw on the UR-220 a refined frame which underline the profiled shape of the case.
Case in Carbon and Titanium caseback
Dimensions 43.8mm x 52.9mm x 14.8mm
Glasses Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance Pressure tested to 3 ATM

This lightning fast retrograde system is based on three key elements: a central axis set in ruby bearings ; a cylindrical marine chronometer type spring running vertically around the axis; a double coaxial star-shaped cam regulating the retrograde mechanism. POWER RESERVE INDICATORS
The 48-hour power reserve is indicated in the upper left and right corners, featuring two hands moving across two scales. This power reserve distributed on two sub-dials is made up of 83 components, testifying its complexity of development.


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