Sylvain Pinaud

Son of a watchmaker and having frequented the workbench from childhood, it was therefore first of all alongside his father that Sylvain Pinaud discovered the fascinating profession of watchmaker. Captivated by his work and convinced that it was a vocation for him, it was natural that he joined the Morteau watchmaking school to deepen his knowledge and develop his know-how. Fascinated by all the facets of this profession: historical, mechanical, artistic and scientific, his passion was only growing.
Once graduated, years of practice followed in discreet workshops and then in major watch manufacturers which then allowed him to forge a solid experience and led him to take a different direction in the practice of his profession.

The Sylvain Pinaud workshop, based in Sainte Croix (Switzerland), is a complete watchmaking workshop where restorations of old objects rub shoulders with innovative prototypes…because history feeds the future.

It is the heart of his know-how, a place where everything is possible thanks to the wealth of skills and knowledge. Lathes and milling machines rub shoulders with control devices and other century-old tools. Here, Sylvain Pinaud must be able to produce components in a short time to validate a concept, analyze a part for the correction of a problem or even decorate a movement before its assembly. An inspiring place created to achieve quality watchmaking.


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